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Engineering Review & Calculations

Thirty years of experience in the material handling field and certification by the PEO allows us to perform accurate detailed engineering review and calculations for material handling machinery and equipment.

We are able to:

  • Design new equipment to desired requirements and conforming to existing regulations
  • Develop material handling concepts to meet specific needs
  • Reverse engineer to gain a better understanding of the strength and versatility of existing equipment
  • Modify existing equipment to meet new operating criteria
  • Design new or existing systems to form an integrated process involving a number of differing types of equipment, such as gravity or motorized conveyors, multi-directional shunts, lift, rotate or tilt tables, automation etc.
  • Modernize old concepts to meet process requirements.


    The Ontario law states a lifting device shall be made of sufficient strength to ensure the safety of all workers. In addition, each device is to be inspected by a competent person.

    Lifting devices shall have specific markings and instruction for proper use.

    At Sxy AXIS our professionals are competent and knowledgeable, capable of evaluating and supplying complete certification of your devices to ensure safety according to the law.


      Sxy AXIS recognizes the global market and provides clients the opportunity to benefit from our experience and knowledge.

      We offer detailed drawings for material handling products including build of materials, cut lists, fabrication details and Professional Engineering Certification. A unique aspect of our service is our ability to offer one on one engineering support through our link system providing shared document access as if our engineer was working beside you regardless of location.

      Drawings can be provided in various forms including works, Inventor, AutoCAD (convert concepts to reality).
      Drawings can also be provided with a P Eng stamp.

        Pre-start Safety Reviews

        PSR’s are required when new or modified equipment is introduced into the workplace. The workplace and work procedures are reviewed by a professional engineer who is familiar with the equipment and processes and is able to verify the general conformity with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Safety Act of Ontario and the Regulations for Industrial Establishments

        In addition to the general construction and application of the new machine, the review includes a verification of equipment and workplace conditions, taking into account the influence of the particular situation as it relates to the well-being/safety of the workers. The inspection will take into account all influences to that work cell as they appear at the time of the review.

        The review is carried out in accordance with Professional Engineers Ontario’s guideline for Professional Engineers providing reports as required by regulation 528/00 amending section 7 of regulations for Industrial Establishments, Regulation 851 of the Ontario Occupational Heath and Safety Act.

        The PSR will be concluded with a report outlining, deficiencies and a determination of requirements to reduce risk. Final documentation includes a Safety Review Letter of Conformance which will be prepared once the deficiencies are rectified and safety devices are demonstrated.

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          Reverse Engineering

          Sxy AXIS Inc. is able to conduct a review of the materials used in the assembly of existing machinery and equipment with the intent of establishing the carrying capability and/or the strengths of the products in question.

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